Romantic weekend in Prague:
the 5 best kiss places

Are you visiting Prague with your special one?

Discover the 5 best kissing spots in the city recommended by our local experts and The Mozart staff.

Prague can be incredibly romantic and magical if you come with the right person. There are so many wonderful alleys, corners and secret spots that will melt the less romantic hearts.
Here is a list of our favorite kissing spots (but the list could be so much longer…).


On the terrace of Vysehrad, watching the river and the city.

This is the oldest part of Prague where the old walls of the city are still visible. A lovely garden and a few cafes are the perfect spot for a romantic stroll at sunset, facing the city and the Vltava river.

Whether you are in Prague for a weekend, a day, or a week, this landmark is just a few tram stops from The Mozart.

From the top of TV tower in Zizkov.

This Tower was named the “the ugliest tower in Europe” and this worths the trip alone. There is a cool observation deck open from morning to late night and, since the tower is not in the city center, there are never many people there. Excellent spot for panoramic pictures and panoramic kisses, bring your bottle of champagne or get a glass at the cafe one floor below.
Zizkov tower

On a river cruise listening to Smetana music.

Bedrich Smetana is one of the most famous and loved Czech composer. He wrote a piece called “Vltava”, Moldau, dedicated to the river that slowly flows across Prague. There are several river cruises company that offer lunches and dinner with live music: they are the essence of romance and a perfect spot for kissing in Prague. Ask The Mozart’s concierge to book you 2 tickets for the next river cruise!
Charles bridge Prague
Charles Bridge river view
Charles bridge Sunset

At sunset on Charles bridge.

This iconic landmark of Prague is just 2 minutes walking from The Mozart. It’s romantic, panoramic, historical: it ticks all the boxes to be on the top five best spots for kisses in Prague. Plus, there are often bands and artists playing on the bridge: background music is always nice when you kiss, right?

Under a cherry tree in Petrin Gardens

This kiss is particularly recommended in Spring and Fall when the trees are full of wonderful trees or the leaves change into beautiful colors. The gardens are open to the public and free to visit night and day but the best time is surely around lunch time, when the light is vibrant and you can sit under a cherry tree to have a picnic and kiss.
Mozart Romantic couple

BONUS: in The Mozart’s Baroque Courtyard

Don’t miss the chance to have a romantic moment in the beautiful Baroque Courtyard. The courtyard was built at the end of the 18th century and even if it has a magical aura from the past, is very lively and full of positive energy from the present. Order a glass of Prosecco or a bottle of our famous house wine and enjoy the sound of the fountain and the noise of the city from afar.