In Prague, you can't miss… at least these 5 landmarks!

1. Charles Bridge

just 3 minutes walking from The Mozart, is one of the symbols of Prague.

2. Prague Castle

hop on tram 22 and get to the top of the Castle. Don’t forget to visit St.Vitus Cathedral and the amazing stained glasses.

3. Old town square

the heart and soul of Prague. Beautiful during the day, unique at night. You can not miss the time with the famous…

4. Astronomical clock

another landmark of Prague. Recently restored to its original beauty, marks the flow of time since 1410.

5. Wenceslas Square

this famous square has been the theater of several turning points in Czech history. Vaclav Havel, the first president of Czekoslovakia who worked in the building that is now The Mozart, addressed the crowds in this square several times.


The Estate Theater where Mozart performed the Don Giovanni for the first time. It is the only standing theater where Mozart played an opera.
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