Family holidays in Prague

have fun and build great memories

No matter where you live in the world, and how big or small your family is, visiting Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is always the right decision. Here are a couple of ideas of what to do if you are traveling to Prague with your kids.
There is no city in the world so wonderfully accessible and interesting, and offering so many parks, museums, landmarks, and amusements for both young and grown-up like Prague. Moving around the city with public transportation is easy and cheap: kids under 6 years travel for free and until the age of 15 there are discounts.

Kampa Island

garden, museum and playground just 10 minutes from The Mozart

If you want to find one of the most beautiful spots in Prague, be sure to head to Kampa Island. From The Mozart, it’s a short and pleasant walk across Charles Bridge, with amazing views of the Castle and the rooftops of Mala Strana.
Kampa is a small island on the Vltava River where your kids can run around freely or play in the playground: there is also an old watermill with its big water wheel well visible from the island.
If you stop for a moment to admire the Vltava River, you will notice the ice pillars protecting the bridge piers, the lively boat traffic, and the many birds that live on the riversides.

Then head to the small footbridge over the Čertovka gorge separating Kampa from Mala Strana. If you are lucky and look towards the wheel of the Velkopřevorský mill, you will see one of the local watermen – Kabourek. From here it is only a few steps to Malá Strana, which is full of beautiful and mysterious buildings and alleys.

The narrowest street in Prague

How about visiting the narrowest alley in Prague? The nameless leading from U Lužického Seminary Street to the garden of the Čertovka restaurant is so narrow that traffic must be controlled by traffic lights. This is the last fire lane in Mala Strana and served as an access corridor to the Vltava River. The terrace facing the river is an amazing panoramic spot: don’t miss it out when you are in the area.

Prague zoo is just 30 min from The Mozart and is amazing!

If your kids love animals, nature and adventure, you have to visit Prague Zoo.
Thanks to its unique position, Prague Zoo is considered one of the most beautiful zoos in the world. The rugged terrain offers over 10 km of walking trails through such exotic exhibitions as the Africa House, the Indonesian jungle, the Valley of the Elephants or a newly built exhibition dedicated to Tasmanian and Australian fauna – Darwin Crater. This beautiful slice of nature is a popular destination for families with children who can pet and feed animals at the Children’s Zoo.

Do you know that The Mozart is a pet friendly hotel? We welcome furry Guests from all over the world!

At Prague Zoo there is a newly opened section called Dinosauria, which offers a trip into the distant past with an amazing exhibition of fossils and precious stones, or an adventurous experience with dinosaurs in virtual reality.

What is more precious than family time? Build memories at The Mozart

The Mozart is the ideal place for your family, whether you are traveling to small or large parties. Our hotel’s family suites will provide you with amazing comfort and facilities, and our courtyard has plenty of space for children’s activities and family gatherings.

Just as the young Mozart gained his experience in Prague, come with your children to explore, but also to have fun. The best way to learn about history, and each other, is through fairy tales, stories, and your own discoveries. Come back to your childhood with us, and dream with our five-star hotel The Mozart Prague. In Prague, everything is at your fingertips, we will make all the arrangements easily, and you will get the most out of your holiday in Prague.