Contemporary modern art star DAVID STRAUZZ will paint The Mozart Prague with modern frescos.


Historic boutique hotel The Mozart Prague is known for offering its guests rooms with original historical murals. As a supporter of art in all its forms, The Mozart’s partnership with respected contemporary artist David Strauzz is just proof of that. David Strauzz will be presenting his art in several forms and locations at the hotel and will be the star of the planned summer cultural program at The Mozart Prague.


The MUSIC & ART SUMMER FESTIVAL will be full of Saturday concerts in the unique historic courtyards of this hotel, in one of the best locations in the center of Prague. Its magnificent courtyards inside are open to the public all year round, but the summer months offer an opportunity to discover them. Sitting down to fine wine or delicious food in these outwardly hidden treasures of history is a truly wonderful escape from the noise of the big city.


David Strauzz’s planned summer show is undoubtedly another and very original draw to visit.

May 4th – 5th 2023

Contemporary artist David Strauzz will paint The Mozart Prague with street art “frescos”

4. 5. 2023 from 10 am till 10 pm + from 6 pm DJ and live music included. Special offer for selected cocktails

5. 5. 2023 from 10 am till 4 pm

See David at work up close and be there when he creates his modern outdoor mural in one of the hotel’s historic courtyards. Simply an unusual and extraordinary cultural experience.

The Mozart Prague is known for providing accommodation in historic rooms with original Baroque frescoes, and with this painting, it will add to its collection of murals, this time from the modern art world. This venture will be just the beginning of more to come. Stay tuned for more news.

Table booking recommended: +420 234 705 111 or via email

June 6th – 7th 2023

Mural painting – The Mozart Prague Café

June 8th 2023


The second unique art piece will be another of David’s frescoes, this time on the walls of the Café at The Mozart Prague. This one will be painted on June 6-7 and will be completed just in time for the official opening for invited art lovers on Thursday, June 8, 2023. David Strauzz’s paintings will decorate the remaining spaces of the Café and together with the two unique murals will be on display for the general public until the end of August.

The final form of the frescoes is of course still a secret, but the subject of the works created for The Mozart Prague will be none other than Mozart, but also the artist himself. Both in their wild and untamed forms. Each in his own way and in his own time. The title of the exhibition indicates a lot in this sense. INDOMITUS.

Stay tuned for more information about the summer concert program in the courtyard.

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