The Mozart

Follow the beat of your heart to Prague's most impressive hotel.

Follow the steps of The Mozart’s famous past guests, discover our present art exhibitions and visit our future concerts, food, and cultural events.


Crediamo che la musica e l'arte abbiano il potere di unire le persone e ispirarle, e siamo onorati di poter offrire uno spazio perché ciò accada.



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Historical Statute


A landmark situated steps from the Charles Bridge, the five-star The Mozart was always open to Art, Music, and good vibes. Some of the hotel’s most recognizable features are the amazing river view rooms, its romantic courtyards, and the incredible number of activities and events going on in the hotel.


Count Pachta, the founder of the present-day building of The Mozart, once hosted famous artists and musicians, including Mozart and Casanova. We aspire to follow in Count Pachta’s footsteps for the love of beauty and culture and give all our guests a unique experience during their stay in Prague with concerts, art exhibitions, and cultural events.

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